Dionisio Aguado (1784-1849)

Aguado, from his New Guitar Method published by Tecla

Aguado, from his New Guitar Method published by Tecla.

Dionisio Aguado was one of the classic composers for the guitar in the nineteenth century. Born in Spain, he later lived for many years in Paris. He is best known today for his Method for the guitar, but also composed many other pieces, for example his Fandango, op. 16, which could be stunning in an enthusiastic performance.


New Guitar Method. This is his famous method for guitar, published by Tecla in the only available English translation.

Variations on the Fandango, op. 16. A fine piece for solo guitar, full of fire.

Read the complete preface to the Variations on the Fandango in the Tecla edition.

The complete introduction to my edition of Aguado's New Guitar Method can be read here on this site and gives (among other things) full bibliographical details about the many different versions of Aguado's method which the composer published during his lifetime.

The complete preface to the Tecla edition of Aguado's Variations on the Fandango, op. 16 can be read here on this site and gives many details about Aguado, the fandango dance, Casanova and the fandango, Padre Basilio, and the circumstances of the publication of this work in Paris, etc.

Many references to Aguado, details of his life, and an account by Saldoni of an unexpected meeting with Aguado in Paris, can be found in my book Fernando Sor, Composer and Guitarist.

A duet for two guitars entitled Les Deux Amis which Sor composed especially to be played by himself and by Aguado (the two guitar parts are marked "Sor" and "Aguado" in the original edition), is published in volumes 8-11 of Sor's New Complete Works for Guitar Solo and Guitar Duet (and also in facsimile in Sor's Complete Works for guitar).

A piece by De Fossa entitled Recuerdo, published in a modern edition by Tecla, is dedicated to Aguado.

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