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Sor: Seguidillas Book 2, for two and three voices with guitar or piano

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Sor Seguidillas - from Tecla Editions

"Like the Mazurkas of Chopin", said a musician who recently performed them.

If you're performing the Seguidillas, you really need TWO COPIES, one for the singer and one for the guitarist. Don't fiddle with photocopies: if you like, you can get two copies, one for each of you, at a specially reduced price.


Fernando Sor:


Twelve songs in Spanish with guitar or piano accompaniment

edited by Brian Jeffery

64 pages.  1976, reprinted 1983, 1990, 2003

Paperbound TECLA 0001
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Paper edition ISBN 978-0-906953-01-3

Clothbound in handsome new black and gold TECLA 0002
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Cloth edition ISBN 978-0-948607-05-9

"The Seguidillas brought down the house in April [1999]. Beautiful pieces! A very special moment in our season" (Steven Blier, Artistic Director, New York Festival of Song)

Twelve famous songs by Sor for voice and guitar (or piano), witty and amorous, which have been recorded several times using this book.  You can hear Teresa Berganza singing “Un canónigo quiero” beautifully on Youtube and several more of them are also on Youtube if you search for example for “Las mujeres y cuerdas” or “De amor en las prisiones”. 

This now famous edition from Tecla Editions by Brian Jeffery was the first time that these songs had ever been published since their own day.  The book includes a full introduction explaining what exactly seguidillas are.  The guitar accompaniments are mostly not difficult. 

Sor composed these songs in Spain in about the 1790s and 1800s, for voice with guitar accompaniment (some with piano). They take a significant place in the history of Spanish song and of popular song in general. Newly discovered and published in this book in 1976 for the first time.

Re-engraved. With an introduction and notes by Brian Jeffery, photographs of two songs from the MSS in which they are found, and a facsimile reprint of Sor’s own article "Le Boléro".


CDs available from Tecla containing songs from this book. (With some mp3s).

A completely new book called Seguidillas Book 2 by Sor...

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The twelve songs are as follows. 

  • Cesa de atormentarme (e to f')
  • De amor en las prisiones (f to g')
  • Acuérdate, bien mío (f sharp to g')
  • Prepárame la tumba (g to a'')
  • Cómo ha de resolverse (e to g' sharp)
  • Muchacha, y la vergüenza (e flat to d')
  • Si dices que mis ojos (e to f' sharp)
  • Los canónigos, madre (g to a'')
  • El que quisiera amando (f to g')
  • Si a otro cuando me quieres (f sharp to f' sharp)
  • Las mujeres y cuerdas (g to a'')
  • Mis descuidados ojos (f to f')

Mostly love poetry. Some songs have traditional themes, such as the first two: "Cease tormenting me, cruel Memory", and "Happy I live in Love's prisons". Others have their witty side: "Los canónigos, madre" says that canons don't have children, only little nephews and nieces: mother, says the singer, I want a canon, so that I can be an aunt... "Las mujeres y cuerdas" tells us: "Women and guitar strings: you need talent to tune them."

Ranges: Most of the songs go up to f, g, or a so they will suit a tenor or soprano, but one, Muchacha y la vergüenza, goes up only to d'.  The exact ranges are indicated above as follows:
a, b, c, and so on up to g: this means from the a four notes below the treble stave, up to the g which is on the second line of the treble stave.
a', b', c', and so on up to g': this means from the a which is on the second space of the treble stave, up to the g which is on the space just above the treble stave.
a'', b'', c'', and so on: this means from the a which is on the line immediately above the treble stave, upwards.

An illustration from Sor's article "Le Boléro", reproduced in full in this edition.
The Introduction, in full.
A substantial passage about Sor's Seguidillas from Fernando Sor, Composer and Guitarist, by Brian Jeffery.
Are the Seguidillas and More Seguidillas to be sung by men or by women?
Are the Seguidillas and More Seguidillas best regarded as dance music or not?
A CD available from Tecla containing all the twelve seguidillas in this book.

NEW PUBLICATION SEPTEMBER 2002: first modern edition of Fernando Sor- The Complete Italian Arietts etc., for voice and piano (some guitar accompaniments are available as downloadable files). Fine songs, at the highest level of composition. Singers should try them.

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