Fernando Sor: Seguidillas

Twelve songs in Spanish with guitar or piano accompaniment, edited by Brian Jeffery

Sor Seguidillas - from Tecla Editions

Twelve famous songs by Sor for voice and guitar (or piano), witty and amorous. This now famous edition from Tecla Editions by Brian Jeffery was the first time that these songs had ever been published since their own day. You can hear Teresa Berganza singing “Un canónigo quiero” beautifully on Youtube from this book and several more of them are also on Youtube if you search for example for “Las mujeres y cuerdas” or “De amor en las prisiones”. 

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We also have just SIX copies of the original Tecla edition of 1976 for sale, clothbound with dustjacket.  They are now antiquarian items, which is why their price is higher than it would be for the modern edition. The dust jackets are rather worn, but the rest of the books are in good condition.  Price each 50 euros / 35 UK pounds / 52 US dollars.  If you are interested, please send us an email to make sure that we still have them.

"The Seguidillas brought down the house. Beautiful pieces! A very special moment in our season" (Steven Blier, Artistic Director, New York Festival of Song).  "Like the Mazurkas of Chopin", said a musician who performed them.  READ MORE ABOUT THIS BOOK