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Sor: The Complete Studies, Lessons, and Exercises for guitar

More about Fernando Sor (1778-1839), and more titles by him

Sor Easiest Pieces - from Tecla Editions

Here is the list of contents:

  • 1. Lesson Op.60 no.1.
  • 2. Lesson Op.60 no.2.
  • 3. Andante Op.44 no.1.
  • 4. Allegretto Op.44 no.2.
  • 5. Lesson Op.60 no.13.
  • 6. Andante Op.31 no.1.
  • 7. Andante Op.35 no.1
  • 8. Waltz Op.35 no.2.
  • 9. Lesson Op.60 no.10.
  • 10. Waltz Op.51 no.1.
  • 11. Lesson Op.60 no.3.
  • 12. Lesson Op.60 no.5.
  • 13. Andantino Op.44 no.3.
  • 14. Minuet Op.44 no.14.
  • 15. Lesson Op.60 no.6.
  • 16. Allegretto moderato Op.31 no.3

Fernando Sor:

The Sixteen Easiest Pieces

especially composed for absolute beginners on the guitar

edited by Brian Jeffery

NEW PUBLICATION JUNE 2006. These are the easiest pieces, as far as I can judge, which Sor composed.  He intended them for complete beginners on the guitar, and they remain perfect for that same purpose today.  As well as being easy, they are also simple and delightful pieces, often of great beauty. 

This is a standard edition specially for students, at a low price. Very good for beginners. From Sor's opp. 60,  31, 35, etc. Newly edited by Brian Jeffery direct from the original editions, and with only Sor's fingering, no modern fingering. 16 pages.

I'm delighted to say that you can see videos of all sixteen pieces played by Rob MacKillop at www.robmackillop.net/guitar/fernando-sor/ , go Page Down on that page one or two pages down to find those videos (they are immediately following the picture there of the cover of this book).  Or hear them here as mp3s: Index, and mp3s of all the pieces played by Rob MacKillop.

This book includes ALL the pieces by Sor which are prescribed for Grades 1 and 2 in the current Associated Board guitar syllabus.

New 2006.  Previously published by Tecla in 1979 under the title Easy Studies.  Now completely reset.

Paperbound TECLA 0100
Price 10.00 euros / or 7.00 UK pounds / or 13.00 US dollars / or 1300 Japanese yen
ISBN 978-0-906953-08-2

Clothbound in handsome new black and gold TECLA 0104
Price 20.00 euros / or 15.00 UK pounds / or 27.00 US dollars / or 2800 Japanese yen
ISBN 978-0-906953-50-1


MAY 2012 Rob MacKillop has just made videos of all the sixteen pieces in TECLA 100 Sor: The Sixteen Easiest Pieces for guitar.  Very good, played on a fine modern copy of a Lacote guitar.  Have a look!

REVIEW 2006: "Este cuaderno reúne las piezas más fáciles de Fernando Sor, aunque no por ello pierden un ápice de su delicada belleza. Son, por tanto, ideales para principiantes. A esto hay que añadir que Brian Jeffery –o lo que es lo mismo Tecla Editions– ha editado cada pieza respetando al máximo la edición original." ( Música y Educación, Spain, 2006). ("This book brings together the easiest pieces of Fernando Sor, and they don't lose even a bit of their delicious beauty.  They are, then, ideal for beginners.  Add to this that BJ - Tecla - has edited each piece respecting to the full the original text.")

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