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op. 6 no. 8 (pdf, 57k)

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Sor: The Sixteen Easiest Pieces for guitar, for complete beginners. New publication. This contains the really easy pieces (for example ALL the Sor pieces in the old and the new Associated Board syllabuses for Grades 1 and 2)

More about Fernando Sor (1778-1839), and more titles by him

 Giuliani- The Complete Studies for guitar. A companion volume to the Complete Studies of Sor. New September 2002.

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Sor Studies - from Tecla Editions

Why should I use this edition rather than any other? - Because this Tecla edition of Sor’s Complete Studies establishes a new and fully reliable text, fully practical, at a very reasonable price, easily available with low postage worldwide.  I (Brian Jeffery) established for the first time the complete edition of Sor’s guitar music back in 1976, and this edition of the Complete Studies is again newly established strictly from the original editions.

Also because it is fully authentic and has no fingering other than that which Sor himself put. Some other modern editions which are on sale add modern fingering, but Sor wrote some of his studies specifically to give practice in certain fingering, so that to add different modern fingering for such a piece seems perverse because it cancels out Sor’s own intention.  Also my own experience from having played this music in many concerts is that for me at least, Sor’s fingering is far easier than modern fingering.  Use Sor’s own fingering and everything is fine.

Fernando Sor:

The Complete Studies, Lessons, and Exercises for guitar

edited by Brian Jeffery

This book contains all Sor’s famous studies, lessons, and exercises for guitar complete in one book (opus numbers 6, 29, 31, 35, 44, and 60, complete), at a low price specially for students. It includes all the well-known twenty studies which Andrés Segovia edited (see table of concordance with Segovia's "Twenty studies"), and all the studies, lessons, and exercises by Sor which are now prescribed by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music in their current guitar syllabus, but every piece is now newly edited by Brian Jeffery directly from the original editions. 

With Sor's own detailed comments on several of the pieces, and with only Sor's fingering, no modern fingering. 140 pages.

MAY 2013  because of demand, we have reprinted this popular book yet again.

Paperbound TECLA 0101
Price 24.00 euros / or 18.00 UK pounds / or 33.00 US dollars / or 3300 Japanese yen
ISBN 978-0-948607-31-8

Clothbound in handsome new black and gold TECLA 0102
Price 33.00 euros / or 25.00 UK pounds / or 45.00 US dollars / or 4600 Japanese yen
ISBN 978-0-948607-32-5

"I recently ordered your new reprints of the Sor and Giuliani studies [in the clothbound editions], which arrived last week and are absolutely wonderful" (a customer in Switzerland, June 2013).

A nuestros amigos en España y Latinoamerica

Acabamos de poner en el sitio web de Tecla, en español (castellano), la introducción de este libro.  Así está la edición más fácil a utilizar para los en España y Latinoamerica que toquen esta bella música.

La traducción es del guitarrista Carlos Pérez, de Chile, al que la agradecemos mucho.


First published 1993, reprinted 1996 in a new version including Sor's op. 44 which was not present in the first edition, reprinted 2003 with a new thematic index, reprinted 2008, reprinted 2013.

This definitive modern edition of Sor's studies is the one which was originally chosen by the official selectors of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, and is currently listed by them in their guitar syllabus.  It is particularly recommended for use by students.

DECEMBER 2014 Gohar Vardanyan has made a video of Sor's famous study in B minor (op. 35 no. 22) with very useful comments.

MAY 2012 Rob MacKillop has just made a video of five charming pieces from Sor's Introduction to the study of the guitar op. 60 (all five pieces are available in this Tecla edition of Sor's Complete Studies).  Have a look!

"It is to Jeffery’s eternal credit that he has produced a publication which maintains the highest editorial standards and breaks some new ground ... it is without hesitation that I recommend this latest offering from a first-rate specialist publisher" (Classical Guitar).

"This is a very fine book" (Soundboard, 1997). 

More comments about this book, from guitarists who have used it, are below.


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See the well-known study op. 6 no. 8 as a pdf file.


"I recently borrowed this book from my local library and was so impressed that I have now decided to buy it"

"A big thank you for the Sor Complete Studies, Lessons, and Exercises. It’s a wonderful book and I’m very pleased with it"

"After having read through its contents I almost feel like Christopher Columbus when he first set foot in the New World"

"My students are over the moon" (a guitar teacher)

"After thirty years of playing the Segovia edition (not every day) your edition has shed a totally different light on these pieces." (a guitarist, Chris Dowle, December 2002)

You can consult the thematic index if you like (pdf files) for the whole collection:
Index to op. 6 and op. 29
Index to op. 31
Index to op. 35
Index to op. 44
Index to op. 60

The edition is Urtext and contains all the pieces in one book. It scrupulously takes into account the many textual problems which the original editions presented, in order to make this both a reliable edition for study and a thoroughly practical one for concert performance. A particular feature of this edition is that there are commentaries on the individual pieces based on Sor’s own ideas and intentions as expressed in his Method, with many quotations which are directly relevant to individual studies. It is an established major standard edition for teachers and students, and is available at a price accessible to students.

This is a fully authentic edition as far as fingering is concerned, in that the only fingering given is Sor's own (very practical, it may be said). No modern fingering is added as it is in other editions.

About right hand fingering and this edition: in 2010 the guitarist and teacher Heinrich Jochen wrote in an email: "Concerning the historic right hand fingering as described in Sor's method: many problems I came across in the coda of opus 9 (variations on a theme by Mozart) were solved almost instantly after applying pim exclusively. You are to be thanked for pointing out this principle in your edition of Sor's studies and exercises."

[June 2002] In 1994 I wrote an article on the terminology of some of Sor's original titles: Studio (op. 6), Études (op. 29), Exercises (op. 35), and of Giuliani's Studio (op. 1), etc. The article was published in the EGTA Journal and is available here.

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