Antonio J. Manjón: Obras para Guitarra / Works for Guitar

with a preface by Brian Jeffery

Manjón Obras para Guitarra - from Tecla Editions

Antonio J. Manjón’s Works for Guitar is an exciting collection containing 21 pieces by Antonio Jimenez Manjón (1866-1919), in reprints of their original editions. It fills a large gap in the history of the classical guitar. Nearly all these 21 pieces are here published for the first time since their own day (around 1910). They include dances, arrangements, and extended pieces which will add considerably to the guitar’s repertory.

132 pages. First published by Tecla in 1994, reprinted 2011.

This book presents 21 pieces. They will help to enlarge the repertory of the guitar today and to cast light on an interesting period in its history. They consist of sixteen original works of which three are relatively extended, four arrangements from other composers, and one song for voice and guitar, all presented in reprints of the original Buenos Aires and Spanish editions.

Antonio Jimenez Manjón was born in Villacarrillo, Spain, in 1866. He lost his sight at an early age. He became a virtuoso guitarist and gave concerts throughout Europe (including London). In 1893 he settled in Buenos Aires, where he taught, composed, and played in many concerts until his death there in 1919. Like Barrios, Tárrega, and many others, he was a noted performer on the guitar as well as a composer. His music is strongly in a Hispanic tradition. He himself played the eleven-string guitar, but his published pieces are generally for the six-string guitar.

Manjón: Obras para Guitarra / Works for Guitar
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ISBN 978-0-948607-20-2 / TECLA 0319

Contents (the numbers refer to opus numbers):

1. La Mariposa, Mazurka
2. Una Flor, Mazurka
3. Mazurka Lírica
4. Matilde, Gavotte
5. Tú y Yo, Duetto
6. Lola, Habanera
7. Balada
8. Vorrei Morire, Melodía de Tosti
10. Sobre tu Corazón, Romanza (voice and guitar)
11. Serenata
12.La Primavera, Romanza sin Palabras de Mendelssohn
13. Preludio No. 15 de Chopin
14. Marcia Fúnebre sobre la muerte de un héroe (Beethoven)
15. Recuerdos de mi Patria (Mazurka Romántica)
17. Célebre Capricho Andaluz
18. Cuento de Amor, Romanza
19. Aire Vasco (Zorzico)
28. ¿Por Que? Vals
29. Capricho Criollo (Tango)
Primavera Andaluza
La Aurora, Romanza

 "This album is most welcome ... I like many of Manjón’s originals just as much as the Tárrega Mazurkas or Preludes ... incredibly ‘Spanish’ in flavour ... it does sound so well ... a superb Romanza by Mendelssohn, very professional indeed" (Classical Guitar, September 1995).

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Manjón: Obras para Guitarra / Works for Guitar  TECLA 0319

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