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Carcassi Etudes op. 60 - from Tecla Editions

Why should I use this edition rather than any other? - Because this Tecla edition of the Carcassi Etudes establishes a new and fully reliable text, fully practical, with comments on every piece, at a very reasonable price, easily available with low postage worldwide. These Etudes were originally published only after Carcassi's death in 1853 and the only known original editions contain many problems in the text. This edition examines those problems and finds solutions.

Matteo Carcassi:

25 Etudes for Guitar, op. 60

edited by Brian Jeffery

NEW PUBLICATION JUNE 2006. This set of 25 etudes is perhaps Carcassi's most famous work and has been known to generations of guitarists.  This is a new complete definitive edition established from the original source, with only the original fingering; no new fingering has been added. Notes on technique and interpretation are provided.

Prescribed by the Associated Board in their new 2008 syllabus.

A standard edition specially for students. Newly edited by Brian Jeffery.  48 pages.

Paperbound TECLA 0345
Price 9.00 euros / or 7.00 UK pounds / or 12.00 US dollars
ISBN 0-948607-45-9

Clothbound in handsome new black and gold TECLA 0346
Price 18.00 euros / or 14.00 UK pounds / or 24.00 US dollars
ISBN 0-948607-46-7


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More about this book:

In 2010 the guitarist and teacher Heinrich Jochen wrote in an email: "The Carcassi opus 60 [that is to say, this edition TECLA 0345] is really a fortune, since any other edition I had viewed contained too much added fingering foreign to Carcassi's".

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