La Guitarra en Cataluña, 1769-1939

by Josep Maria Mangado

Mangado La Guitarra en Cataluña - from Tecla Editions

La Guitarra en Cataluña is a groundbreaking work based on extensive new research by the author in original documents, especially in archives in Catalonia. It gives many previously undiscovered details about the early time of Sor in Spain as a young man, and about composers such as Ferrer, Viñas, Costa, etc., with full lists of their works. A standard work for any reference shelf on the guitar. The book is written in Spanish.

316 pages.  A4.  First published by Tecla in 1998.

Paperbound: ISBN 978-0-948607-16-5 / TECLA 0376


REVIEW by Piero Viti in the Italian journal Guitart, 1999:

Pubblicato della Tecla, “La Guitarra en Cataluña, 1769-1939” dello studioso Josep Maria Mangado Artigas è un ricco e prezioso contributo per la storia della chitarra … ineccepibile dal punto di vista scientifico … abbondanza di notizie inedite … Siamo di fronte ad un ampio ed esaustivo lavore, ulteriore prezioso contributo alla chiarezza della storia e dell’evoluzione della chitarra in una della terre que maggiormente ha segnato le sorti di questo strumento. 

(Published by Tecla, “La Guitarra en Cataluña, 1769-1939” by the researcher Josep Maria Mangado Artigas is a rich and valuable contribution to the history of the guitar … irreproachable from the scientific point of view … abundance of unpublished data … We are looking at an ample and exhaustive work, casting light on the history and evolution of the guitar in one of the lands which have most shaped the fortunes of this instrument.)

REVIEW from Early Music Review, December 1999:

This book helps to fill a gap in music history, well supported by extensive documentation and illustrations ... A wealth of information, documents, and interesting stories much of which is available for the aficionado and expert alike for the first time.

REVIEW from the Spanish classical music magazine Ritmo, September 1999:

Este libro, cuyo presencia física se asemeja mucho a unos “apuntes” de facultad, tiene mucho valor. … La información acerca del tema tratado es grande, es buena, es valiosa y, sobre todo, es singular teniendo en cuenta de que se habla de un instrumento como la guitarra. Obviamente para catalanes y no catalanes.

REVIEW by Rafaël Andia in Cahiers de la Guitare, December 1999:

Ce livre monumental se présente comme une mine d’informations sur la guitare classique en Catalogne. … L’ouvrage fourmille de détails biographiques…

Catalunya Música-Revista Musical Catalana, nº 185, març-2000. Josep Maria Mangado és un investigador d'una gran honestedad. Les seves aportacions mostren un rigor fet a força d'hores de recorregut per arxius i fonts documentals de tota mena fins a arribar a unes constatacions d'una poc menys que absoluta fiabilitat. En aquest sentit, i com a mostra ben significativa, cal fer esment de les ampliacions i en força casos rectificacions de dades assumides fins ara, o la ratificació definitiva, d'acord amb noves certificacions documentals, d'hipòtesis històriques determinades. Aquest és un mèrit molt important que l'autor porta fins a límits molt sublimats.

As a supplement to Anexo N of his book La Guitarra en Cataluña, Josep Maria Mangado has now contributed a new section on references to the guitar in the Gazeta de Barcelona in the 1780s, including some interesting references, at this early date, to music for guitar with the new six strings.

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