Uros Dojcinovic: Two Oriental Marches from Serbia, for two guitars:

"Kosovo" (Oriental March) and "Suleyman-Pasha March"

Dojcinovic Two Oriental Marches - from Tecla Editions

These two marches from Serbia are based on manuscripts written down in about 1901.  Uros Dojcinovic has arranged them for two guitars.  They can be played on one terz guitar and one normal guitar, or on two normal guitars with one of the guitars placing a capotasto at the third fret.

16 + 8 + 8 pages. Score and parts.

CD included, with both the marches played by Cem Duruoz and the composer. These haunting marches have been played by them and with other guitarists in several guitar festivals this year 2006.

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ISBN 978-0-948607-89-9 / TECLA 0397

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Dojcinovic: Two Oriental Marches TECLA 0397:

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Uros Dojcinovic

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