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Six Divertimentos op. 1 (beginning only, pdf, 337k).
Variations on a Theme of Mozart, op. 9 (beginning only, pdf, 294k).

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The complete introduction to the new edition, and editorial practice, taken from Volume 1.

New light on Sor's La Despedida (Les Adieux) op. 21 JUNE 2007

More about Fernando Sor (1778-1839)

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Sor New Complete Works for Guitar - from Tecla Editions

The cover of Volume 1

Hear the Cantabile from Sor's duet for two guitars L'Encouragement op. 34, played by Lars Hedelius-Strikkertsen and Ruben Ipsen - it's entertaining as well as musical.  (This duet L'Encouragement, by the way, is in volumes 8 to 11 of this Tecla New Complete Works for Guitar of Sor)


Fernando Sor:

The New Complete Works for Guitar Solo and Guitar Duet


The new Tecla re-engraved edition, edited by Brian Jeffery. Eleven-volume set. 2001, reprinted 2004.

Paperbound, set of eleven volumes TECLA 1200
Price 143.00 euros / or 110.00 UK pounds / or 197.00 US dollars / or 20100 Japanese yen

ISBN 978-0-948607-70-7

Clothbound in handsome black and gold, set of eleven volumes TECLA 1100
ISBN 978-0-948607-50-9
Sorry, the clothbound set is now sold out.  We do have some of the individual volumes left in clothbound form; see the individual volumes listed below.

It is also possible to purchase only the complete guitar solos (volumes 1-7), or only the complete guitar duets (volumes 8-9 or 10-11), or only individual volumes for which click on the links below on this page.


This is the new re-engraved Tecla edition of Sor's works for guitar solo and guitar duet.  The complete set of eleven volumes consists of:

Volume 1: guitar solos op. nos. 1 through 9
Volume 2: guitar solos op. nos. 10 through 16 and works without opus number
Volume 3: guitar solos op. nos. 17 through 25
Volume 4: guitar solos op. nos. 26 through 32
Volume 5: guitar solos op. nos. 33 through 43
Volume 6: guitar solos op. nos. 44 through 52
Volume 7: guitar solos op. nos. 54 through 60 and appendix: Meditación
Volume 8: seven guitar duets in score, op. nos. 34 to 53
Volume 9: six guitar duets in score, op. nos. 54 bis to 63 and the Bolero a Duo
Volume 10: the Guitar 1 parts for all of the thirteen duets
Volume 11: the Guitar 2 parts for all of the thirteen duets

2004: THIS IS THE NEW SECOND PRINTING, NOW AVAILABLE. (In the first printing some errors occurred, which have now been corrected in this new second printing).

EXCHANGE: Owners of the first printing (2001) of this edition, can if they wish exchange their copies for this new 2004 second printing, for only a small charge. If you would like to do this, please send us an email.

ALSO: if you own the facsimile edition of Sor's Complete Works for Guitar (either the Tecla 1982 edition in nine volumes, or the 1977 edition in five volumes), then if you wish, you can also exchange this for this new eleven-volume re-engraved edition.  If your set is in very good condition, there will be no charge.  If it is in not-so-good condition, there will be a small charge but not much.  If you would like to do this, please send us an email.

AUGUST 2005: "I've received my order!!!! It's the best collection that I've seen!!!! The quality is incredible!!!" (a customer in Brazil, writing about the New Complete Works for Guitar of Sor)

JUNE 2004: "This is a new contribution by Brian Jeffery . . . Most interesting in this work are Jeffery's "Notes on the Pieces" at the beginning of each volume. These notes contain such information as publication history, background, and major editorial concerns. This really provides a wealth of information for the player of these works. This is a beautifully produced work. The paper and covers are of very high quality, and the volumes stay open easily on the stand. These books are a pleasure to work with. This new edition of Sor is excellent." (Soundboard, 2004).

"This work [Volume 1] is highly recommended, and I anxiously await the publication of the remaining volumes" (Classical Guitar).

"... ai bellissime lavori di Sor per due chitarre ... una nuova versione ... redatta in partitura nel massimo rispetto della stesura originale di Sor. ... corpose e interessantissime introduzioni ai due volumi ... L'impaginazione e la stampa assolutamente pregevolissime" (Il Fronimo)               MORE REVIEWS


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The complete set of eleven volumes, paperbound TECLA 1200:

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This set is designed to be the standard modern edition of Sor's guitar music.  Very many puzzles in the well-known Tecla facsimile edition have been solved here.  There are full historical and bibliographical notes, and the edition is fully practical for performance.

The new edition is laid out in the same volumes as the Tecla facsimile edition, that is to say that Volume 1 of the new edition contains the same works as Volume 1 of the facsimile edition, and so on.

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