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Oleg Kiselev and some other publications by him

Strawberries and Cream by Oleg Kiselev, not published by Tecla, but we can supply it.

Clouds by Oleg Kiselev, not published by Tecla, but we can supply it.

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Kiselev Ten Episodes in a Young Guitarist's Day - from Tecla Editions

Oleg Kiselev:

Ten Episodes in a Young Guitarist's Day, for guitar

NEW PUBLICATION JUNE 2006. Ten delightful and catchy pieces for guitar, most of them easy, from "Morning song" to "Touch the rainbow" to "A warm quiet evening".  Oleg Kiselev is Russian and has composed many pieces, and is now becoming known in the West. 

12 pages. CD included, with all the pieces played by the composer.

Classical Guitar magazine (November 2008) liked this book: "I particularly liked 'Touch the rainbow' - its optimistic feel is created with a calypso style rhythm . . . the brightness of the piece makes it fun to play. . .  Plenty of contrast and fun for the capable player".  The same magazine wrote about another work by Oleg Kiselev: "It is the music that matters, and it is wonderful".

Price 10.00 euros / or 7.95 UK pounds / or 12.00 US dollars
ISBN 978-0-948607-91-2 / TECLA 1703

For the list of the pieces in this book, see below.


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Kiselev: Ten Episodes, paperbound TECLA 1703:

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The pieces in this book are as follows:

1. Morning song
2. Near the walls of an old fortress
3. Run to the river!
4. Sudden rain
5. Touch the rainbow
6. Waiting for mother
7. The examination piece
8. Textbook pictures from the Middle Ages
9. The comical girl
10. A warm quiet evening

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