Mauro Giuliani: The Complete Studies for guitar

edited by Brian Jeffery

Giuliani Studies - from Tecla Editions

Giuliani's Complete Studies for guitar is a new edition specially produced for students, edited by Brian Jeffery direct from the original editions, re-engraved, at a low price.  A companion volume to Sor's Complete Studies (Tecla 101).   192 pages. 12 x 9 inches.

Giuliani: Complete Studies for guitar (paperbound)
Price 26.00 euros / or 18.80 UK pounds / or 33.00 US dollars
ISBN 978-0-948607-35-6 / TECLA 0105

Giuliani: Complete Studies for guitar (clothbound)
Price 36.00 euros / or 26.10 UK pounds / or 45.00 US dollars 
ISBN 978-0-948607-36-3 / TECLA 0106

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Giuliani: Complete Studies for guitar (paperbound)  TECLA 0105

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26.00 euros

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18.80 UK pounds

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Giuliani: Complete Studies for guitar (clothbound)  TECLA 0106

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This book includes all Giulianiís studies and exercises, as follows:

Op. 1    Studio
Giulianiís famous technical work for the guitar, including the famous left hand and right hand studies, etc.   This book includes all four parts of this well-known opus 1 (many modern editions of opus 1 have only one or two of the four parts)                 
Op. 48   Esercizio
The famous 24 virtuoso pieces
Op. 51     Eighteen progressive lessons
Op. 98     Delightful studies
Op. 100   Etudes
Op. 139   First Lessons

The music is all Urtext, re-engraved but presenting strictly the original text without any alterations at all: no modern fingering, no changes in dynamics, only what the original texts gave.  That way the reader can be certain of having the authentic text.  The only fingering given is Giuliani's own. No fingering has been changed and no modern fingering is added as it is in other editions.

"I recently ordered your new reprints of the Sor and Giuliani studies [in the clothbound editions], which arrived last week and are absolutely wonderful" (a customer in Switzerland, June 2013).

"'Giuliani Studies' is a very good book" (an Italian guitarist, March 2003)

"los estudios completos para guitarra de Mauro Giuliani... Obras especialmente dirigidas a estudiantes ... legibles y bien editadas" (Acordes (Spanish magazine), no. 16, 2003).

"Dr. Jeffery has once again brought to the public works that are truly groundbreaking in their scope ... endlessly inventive and incredibly challenging ... the use of only the master's fingering will be instructive to the student." (Guitart International, April / June 2003).

ERRATUM: on page 69, the key signature of this piece should be three sharps throughout.

Paper edition ISBN 978-0-948607-35-6, cloth edition ISBN 978-0-948607-36-3.

See a sample study: op. 48 no. 2 (pdf, 55k)

You can also see the original early 19th century editions of all these works in the Tecla reprint edition of Giuliani's Complete Works.
Op. 1 in Volume 1
Op. 48 in Volume 6
Op.  51 in Volume 7
Op. 98 in Volume 10
Op. 100 in Volume 10
Op. 139 in Volume 14
This is particularly valuable if you want Giuliani's original unaltered text.

This book is a companion to the Complete Studies, Lessons, and Exercises of Sor (TECLA 101). Both books are completely new editions, prepared afresh straight from the original editions of the composersí own time.

The complete introduction to this book.  The complete detailed notes.

Jamie Akers has just placed on Youtube a series of videos in which he performs studies by Sor, Giuliani, and Carcassi.

Consider getting the clothbound.

You can now also get the whole of Giuliani's famous studies op. 48 separately

More about Mauro Giuliani  (1781-1829)

Sor- The Complete Studies, Lessons, and Exercises for guitar

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