Mauro Giuliani: Dances of 1810

"The really easy pieces that Giuliani composed for absolute beginners"

Five sets of lively dances from Vienna, for guitar, most of them easy, edited by Brian Jeffery

Giuliani Dances of 1810 - from Tecla Editions

Mauro Giuliani's Dances of 1810 contains the dances that Giuliani composed when he was a young guitar virtuoso newly arrived in Vienna, in 1810.  Now here re-engraved in a new edition.  Many of them are really easy – not in the boring way that is usual today where the poor beginner is told to stay way down at that first position where the frets are far apart which is more difficult than higher up, but with a totally different concept. He quite often put the beginner’s fingers high up, around the ninth, tenth, twelfth fret, where the frets are closer together and therefore easier. He added lots of open strings in the bass. And he gave his students the hot-from-the-dance-floor dances that they had danced till 2 a.m. the night before.

“Schneller! Schneller!” the young people called from the dance floor in that Vienna that was crazy about dancing.

Here are those dances.  Many of them serve very well for absolute beginners.  Don't be afraid to go high up on the fingerboard! It was Giuliani's own idea for beginners.  And try playing them fast.

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You can see and hear Gohar Vardanyan playing Giuliani's Tarantella from this book on Youtube here.

And Rob MacKillop has made a video of four of Giuliani's Monferrine dances, from this book. Have a look!

This is a completely new edition, re-engraved, of Giuliani's sets of dances opp. 12, 21, 23, 24 and 33, complete.  Newly edited by Brian Jeffery direct from the original editions.  No fingering has been added.  36 pages.

Consider getting the clothbound.

Read the complete Preface to this book  or see a sample page of music (page 7, with Waltzes 1, 2 and 3 from 12 Waltzes op. 21) (pdf)  

"Giuliani, Mauro: Dances of 1810. Five sets of lively dances from Vienna for guitar, most of them easy. Londres: Tecla Editions, 2006, 23 x 30,5 cm, 27 págs.
He aquí sesenta y dos danzas para guitarra, agrupadas en cinco tipos (doce monferrinas, doce valses, etc.), la mayoría de ellas sencillas, compuestas por Mauro Giuliani. Publicadas en Viena hacia 1810, destacan especialmente por su viveza (no olvidemos que por entonces el compositor era un hombre joven, de tan sólo veintinueve años, y esto se refleja en su obra)." ( Música y Educación, Spain, 2006).  
("Here are 62 dances for guitar, in five groups (twelve monferrinas, twelve waltzes, etc.), most of them simple, composed by Mauro Giuliani.  Published in Vienna in about 1810, they are remarkable above all for their liveliness - we should remember that the composer was a young man at that time, only 29 years old, and that is reflected in this music.")

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