by Oleg Kiselev

This is another collection of charming pieces, not hard to play.  They have titles like "The dream comes", "Good mood", "Brave man's song".  There are black-and-white illustrations, for example this one of "Towards dangers and adventures".  Clouds is available now from Tecla.  Its composer Oleg Kiselev is Russian and I met him in 2004, in Serbia.  He's a very cheerful person and his music makes one feel good.  This book has 20 pages and includes a CD of the entire contents, played by the composer.  I ordered some copies, and we can now supply this book.

Classical Guitar magazine wrote about another collection by Kiselev, Strawberries and cream, in September 2005: "It consists of 28  little pieces of considerable charm and variety ... it is the music that matters and it is wonderful.  It is all not too difficult ... I do hope that an enterprising music company has arranged to get this imported into the UK."

Yes we have!  Clouds and Strawberries and cream are both available from Tecla Editions and we have copies in stock. 

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Oleg Kiselev's new collection of guitar pieces Ten Episodes in a Young Guitarist's Day has just been published by Tecla.

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