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The Director is Dr. Brian Jeffery.


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A new edition of Moretti's Doce Canciones for voice and guitar   A new edition of Ferandiere's book Arte de tocar la guitarra española   A brand new Tecla item: Ferandiere: Seis Dúos for two guitars

Tecla is the place to come for all the guitar music of Sor and Giuliani, for the Etudes of Carcassi, for a large quantity of other music, and for some books.  The standard of editing is always rigorously high. The publications are reasonably priced and you can easily get them worldwide.

To find any given work - especially if you already know what you are looking for - go first to the Catalogue by Authors / Composers and then under each composer you will find all the works by that composer published by Tecla.

From Simon Revill, a teacher who recently bought the clothbound Tecla edition of Giuliani's Complete Studies:
"I'd like to say that the book is wonderful and is of very high quality, I can see how much work you had to do there and I shall treasure it. I'm sure it will come in handy with my students. I love how you have preserved Giuliani's fingering and the engraving is fantastic. I have one regret though. About a year ago I bought a copy of the complete Fernando Sor studies in paperback from a local store, also published by you. If only I had been to your website first, I would have got the clothbound copy of that too! Maybe later in the year..."


From the Tecla book Sor: The Sixteen Easiest Pieces for guitar: Rob MacKillop has made videos playing all the sixteen pieces (look a bit down from the top of his page) Very good, played on a fine modern copy of a Lacote guitar.  Have a look!

From the Tecla book Giuliani: Dances of 1810 for guitar: Rob MacKillop has made a video of four of Giuliani's Monferrine dances.

And also another video, of five pieces from Sor's Introduction to the study of the guitar op. 60 (all five pieces are available in the Tecla edition of Sor's Complete Studies).

From the Tecla book Sor: Seguidillas Book 2: three seguidillas by Sor for several voices on youtube

A NEW TECLA BOOK OCTOBER 2011: Schubert Lieder with their piano accompaniments arranged for guitar by Napoléon Coste

Associated Board current guitar syllabus 2009 until further notice. Items published by Tecla.
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"I recently ordered your new reprints of the Sor and Giuliani studies [in the clothbound editions], which arrived last week and are absolutely wonderful" (a customer in Switzerland, June 2013).  "Your editions are wonderful resources" (a musician, 2011)

A trade customer (the owner of a shop in the USA) writes:
"Excellent service, lovely books."

A guitarist writes about TECLA 0038, Dowland English Lute Songs:
"What a delight - I wish I had discovered Tecla Editions years ago. . . The Dowland English Lute Songs is superb.  Everyone who enjoys Elizabethan music must try this book."

A guitarist who works with singers writes about TECLA 0041 our book of songs with guitar English Romantic Songs and Ballads: "I have often played many of them to private audiences with wonderful results. . . these beautiful, light and appealing songs"-

"You can know how much happiness you have brought me by providing this music I can play every night at my 'classical music station' in my house. (As I said, I have much music, but at least 2 or 3 feet of it is Tecla publications)." (a guitarist customer)

"These volumes arrived yesterday and are simply beautiful; a treasure for any music library." (Leslie Tung, professor of piano at Kalamazoo, on the Tecla edition of the Beethoven 32 piano sonatas in facsimiles of the first editions, May 2007).

"My wife gave me the entire works of the Fernando Sor collection for Christmas and it's fantastic in every way." (a customer, August 2006).

"Full of natural grace and charm . . . engaging melodies, pleasant contrasts, and interesting byplay among the parts.  I would expect this to receive many performances and very warm audience reactions." (David Grimes in Soundboard, 2006, on the new Tecla edition of Francesco Molino's Grand Trio Concertant, op. 30 for violin or flute, viola, and guitar).

SEPTEMBER 2006: the Overture to Alphonse et Léonore, by Sor, for orchestra, in an edition from Spain; and three Simfonias by Sort.

MARCH 2006: Napoleon Coste Compositeur, a charming new small book about Coste.

FEBRUARY 2006: a short video (on Jens Bang-Rasmussen's website), from a ballet on Rung's Tarantella for solo guitar.  The dancer is Karina Elver who used to be in the Danish Royal Ballet.  And another short video of a ballet on Sor's sonata op. 22.

DECEMBER 2005: CDs- Giuliani's three concerti and other works

The Complete Solo Concert Works for Guitar of Ivan Padovec

JULY 2004: A visit to the music festival at Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia

A nuestros amigos en España y Latinoamérica

A few special items:

Napoleon Coste Composer / Napoléon Coste Compositeur.  A charming small book, the only book published about Coste, available in English or in French.  (An ideal small birthday or Christmas present).

Sor: The Sixteen Easiest Pieces. New book for beginners, very easy. (If you're beginning the guitar, try it. Very cheap, worldwide.) Contains all the Associated Board prescribed pieces for Grades 1 and 2.

Giuliani: Dances of 1810, for guitar. Pre-Strauss. When Giuliani first wanted to write easy pieces, these are what he wrote.  Vivacious, dance-mad, easy.

Carcassi: 25 Etudes for guitar, op. 60. This is the standard edition of this work that everyone plays. Every piece is newly edited directly from the original editions.

Giuliani: 24 Exercises for guitar, op. 48. New edition of this standard work.

SEPTEMBER 2014: One of the Tre Ariette Italiane of Paer in Giuliani's arrangement with guitar (published as TECLA 0668 Mauro Giuliani: A volume containing eight vocal works without opus number) is performed very nicely on Youtube by the soprano Katrine Dyrehauge Roos accompanied by Lars Hedelius-Strikkensen, at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KogfbkP1dUo


More pictures and titles.


COMPLETE WORKS: Among our publications are the New Complete Works for Guitar of Fernando Sor (1778-1839) and Complete Works of Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829). With these editions you have access to the many hundreds of pieces which are the core of that repertory. There are also many works by other composers, about 2,000 separate compositions contained in about 300 publications.  


color="#ee0000">"So impressed and delighted by the quality (of print, binding, packaging and delivery), scholarly, instructive introduction and authenticity of my recent purchases - Aguado (Method) and Sor (Studies) - I can't resist the pleasure of adding to my collection with these other Tecla editions (and of gaining another splendidly stout cardboard box!)" (a customer)

What a wonderful account of a man's life. There is so much to interest one." (on the biography Fernando Sor Composer and Guitarist, from Brian Middleton)

AUGUST 2005: "I've received my order!!!! It's the best collection that I've seen!!!! The quality is incredible!!!" (a customer in Brazil, writing about the New Complete Works for Guitar of Sor)

JUNE 2005: "My order arrived safely today - and was packaged FANTASTICALLY! - many thanks" (a customer in the USA)

FEBRUARY 2005: "Great site, great service!" (a guitarist in the Netherlands). "I truly appreciate the careful packaging. The music arrived in perfect condition" (a customer in the USA). "Terrific edition. Thank you" (a guitarist, on TECLA 101).

FEBRUARY 2005: "I was thrilled with the edition.  Scholarly work, beautifully engraved, page turns optimized, high-quality paper. Outstanding, in fact." (a guitarist, Jack Watson, on the Tecla edition of Giuliani's Sonata op. 15, TECLA 0497)

DECEMBER 2004: "I just received my new Complete Studies for Sor and Giuliani in the cloth version, and they are fabulous ... Thanks again for many wonderful products" (a customer)

JUNE 2004, on the new Sor edition the New Complete Works for Guitar: This is a new contribution by Brian Jeffery . . . Most interesting in this work are Jeffery's "Notes on the Pieces" at the beginning of each volume. These notes contain such information as publication history, background, and major editorial concerns. This really provides a wealth of information for the player of these works. This is a beautifully produced work. The paper and covers are of very high quality, and the volumes stay open easily on the stand. These books are a pleasure to work with. This new edition of Sor is excellent.  (Soundboard, 2004).

MARCH 2004: I have been meaning to thank you for the excellent quality of the shipment which I received. We do not see packing like this from U.S. suppliers. Very impressive!"
"Deseo enviarles mi más sincera y entusiasta felicitación por el maravilloso trabajo que están llevando acabo" (customers).

MORE REVIEWS, from students, teachers, readers and reviewers, some of which say why they like and use Tecla. Have a look!


Sor- The Complete Italian Arietts etc.,

Mozart/Sor- Three arias from Don Giovanni, arranged with guitar accompaniment by FernandoSor. An exciting new publication. The first time that these arrangements by Sor have been published in our day.

Sor- Seguidillas Book 2. Performed with great success so far at the Darwin Guitar Festival, the New York Festival of Song, Gilbert Biberian's summer school, etc.  Seguidillas of Sor, recorded by Montserrat Caballé, Teresa Berganza and others.
A brief history of Tecla;
A reply to an attack (updated June 1998);
Bele Buche e Bele Parleure, a guide to medieval and Renaissance French pronunciation.

"Dar en la tecla" - to hit the nail on the head (old Spanish phrase). 

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