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Aguado, Dionisio: New Guitar Method. This is the standard English translation of Aguado's celebrated method for guitar, which for more than a century was the most famous of all the methods for the instrument. Newly translated and published in 1981, it is now reprinted with only minor changes. (We still include the list of those Tecla supporters who helped with the publication by subscribing to it back in 1981.) It includes a detailed bibliographical study of the many different editions of Aguado's method. 200 pages, 1981.

Alton, Jeannine and Brian Jeffery: Bele Buche e Bele Parleure. This book is intended for anyone who wishes to speak or sing medieval or Renaissance French as authentically as possible. Singers will find it valuable, and so will actors.

First the pronunciation of French vowels and consonants from 1100 to 1600 is set out. Provencal is included. Then the same information is given in the form of a chart so that for any given text, the state of French pronunciation at that time can be seen at a glance. There is a 35-minute cassette on which twelve examples are spoken and six of them are also sung. The examples include an extract from the Chanson de Roland, a poem by Bernard de Ventadorn, a scene from the Jeu de Saint Nicolas by Jean Bodel, and poems by Adam de la Hale, Machaut, Ronsard, and Du Bellay.

No attempt of this kind can be more than an approximation. There is no reason to doubt that there were many differences in pronunciation from one place (even one village) to another, from one class to another, and from one period to another (perhaps very short periods). However, it is a useful starting point for singers and others who need to have something on which to base their decisions about how they are going to pronounce their texts. The book is twenty years old now, but is still useful. Jeannine Alton taught in the Faculty of Modern Languages at Oxford, and Brian Jeffery in the Department of French at St. Andrews and UC Berkeley. 79 pages, 1976.

Ferandiere, Fernando: Arte de tocar la guitarra española.  NEW SECOND EDITION NOW AVAILABLE DECEMBER 2013, with a completely new 40-page introduction by Brian Jeffery.  - An interesting text on the guitar, with some music in an appendix. A complete reprint of the Madrid 1799 edition, with introduction, a complete English translation, and the music examples given additionally in modern notation.  Paperbound and clothbound.

Guerau, Francisco: Poema Harmónico. A celebrated book of guitar tablature first published in Madrid in 1694. A valuable early source for Spanish music of a popular kind, such as marizápalos, canarios, folias, etc., as well as for the passacalles which make up most of the book. This is a complete reprint of the original edition, with a new introduction by Brian Jeffery and an English translation of Guerau's own dedication, prologue, and technical instructions. Paperbound only. 87 pages, 1977.

Jeffery, Brian: Fernando Sor, Composer and Guitarist. The first edition of this book, when it appeared in 1977, set out for the first time all the known details of the life of the great 19th-century guitarist and composer (1778-1839). It was one of the most detailed biographies ever published of a composer of this period. Now we publish a new edition of this book, revised and reset, and brought up to date with many newly discovered details such as previously unknown concerts of Sor in London and Paris, including one in which he played the lute - one of the first "early music" concerts - and significant new bibliographical details. "A real contribution to our understanding of Sor, his music and his period. The new material is both interesting and valuable" (a US reader). As with the first edition, there are chapters on his early years in Spain, his journey to Paris, his seven very full years in London, his journey to Russia, and his final years in Paris. His music for guitar is discussed, as well as his many other works, especially his seguidillas and his many other songs in Spanish and in Italian. A full catalogue of works is included, now revised and brought up to date. This new edition is essential for all music libraries, and for the bookshelf of anyone interested in guitar history. You may be interested to read some extracts from the book or more about Sor. 216 pages, 1994. "This second edition represents the current state of knowledge regarding this pivotal figure in the history of the guitar ... Naturally, this is a must for every serious student of the period - and for every player of Sor's music" (Soundboard, Winter 1996).

Jeffery, Brian (ed.): Chanson Verse of the Early Renaissance. This is the standard modern edition of the early 16th century printed collections of French chanson-texts. There are two volumes:
Volume 1 (272 pages, 1971) includes all the known collections of c. 1512-25.
Volume 2 (374 pages, 1976) includes all the known collections of c. 1526-43.

Mangado, Josep M.: La Guitarra en Cataluña. A new publication (1998) embodying much new research.

Napoleon Coste Composer. A new small book about Napoleon Coste. Also available in French as Napoleon Coste Compositeur. 2008.

Sor, Fernando: Method for the Spanish Guitar. Fernando Sor's method for the guitar has justly been called the most remarkable book ever published on the guitar. It is also an important historical text. It was originally published in French in Paris in 1830, and was translated into English and published in English in London in 1832. We now present a complete reprint of this English translation, with a new preface by Brian Jeffery. 1995. "This document, most important in the history of guitar pedagogy and in the field of research, is here reproduced in a practical binding by Tecla, publishers of the same writer's complete works for guitar. This is a treasure-house of fascinating things for anybody with more than the most superficial relationship with the guitar. For the serious player it is indispensable." (Classical Guitar, December 1996).

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