Beethoven, Ludwig van: The 32 Piano Sonatas.

We publish the only edition available today of all the first editions of all the 32 piano sonatas in facsimiles of the first and original editions. This is extraordinarily interesting material, in our opinion indispensable for any pianist who wishes to give a historically informed performance, or for any teacher of historical keyboard performance. Here are a few reviews:

"During my years at Clavier, many interesting books and music editions have crossed my desk. Perhaps none has equalled the beauty and quality of these facsimiles. I cannot imagine a pianist or scholar who would not want to read from these pages" (Clavier).

"As visually exciting as any fine graphic work of a major painter" (Notes).

"Magnifique ... une édition que tous les professionels devraient posséder" (La Lettre du Musicien).

The edition is available as five volumes clothbound or paperbound, or as 27 separate items of sheet music in a slipcase (TECLA 1001). The sonatas are also available individually.

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