Music for voice and guitar (or piano) from Tecla Editions

Jeffery, Brian (ed.): English Romantic Songs and Ballads. 17 splendid songs in English from the early 19th century, with guitar accompaniments from the period. Particularly recommended for guitarists (even of moderate accomplishments) who wish to work with singers.
Jeffery, Brian (ed.): Songs for Voice and Guitar. 33 19th century songs with guitar accompaniment, nearly all here published for the first time.
Sor, Fernando: Seguidillas. Fine songs in Spanish. Now in its fourth printing.
Dowland, John: English Lute Songs. A very popular selection of twelve of Dowland's best-known songs, for solo voice with the original lute tablature, and also with the lute version arranged for guitar, so that the book can be used either by lutenists or by guitarists.
Mozart arr. Sor: Three arias from Don Giovanni. First modern edition.
Schubert songs with their piano accompaniments arranged for guitar by Napoleon Coste. This new book published by Tecla in 2011 contains songs by Schubert with their piano accompaniments arranged for guitar by Napoleon Coste in Paris in about the 1830s. We have underlaid the original German words for this edition.
Giuliani, Mauro: Sei Cavatine for voice and guitar or piano, op. 39. Six songs in Italian.
Giuliani, Mauro: Sechs Lieder for voice and guitar or piano, op. 89. Six songs in German. Now in its third printing.
Giuliani, Mauro: Sei Ariette for voice and guitar or piano, op. 95. Six songs in Italian.
(For other songs by Giuliani, see The Complete Works of Giuliani.)
Holst, Matthias von: Scottish Melodies. 24 well-known Scottish songs, arranged with guitar accompaniment by M. Holst (Gustav Holst's great-grandfather).  Reprint of the London edition of c. 1825-27.
Moretti, Federico: Doce Canciones. Twelve love-songs in Spanish. The earliest known song-cycle for voice and guitar. NEW TECLA PUBLICATION JUNE 2014.  Now re-engraved not facsimile.
Schubert: Sixteen Songs with guitar accompaniment, edited by Thomas F. Heck.  This contains songs in the guitar versions which were published in Vienna in or near Schubert's own day, edited by Thomas F. Heck.
Sor, Fernando: Seguidillas Book 2. Sixteen songs for two and three voices with guitar or piano.
Sor, Fernando: The Complete Italian Arietts, Duets, and the Three Canons. Contain 42 songs for voice(s) and piano. First modern publication.
Sor, Fernando: Appel des nègres aux français. First modern edition.
Brambilla, Luigi: V Ariette Italiane e Duettino, op. 5. Five Italian arietts for solo voice, and a duet for two voices, with guitar and alternative piano accompaniment. Reprint of the Vienna 1811 edition.

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