Tecla Editions: Form for credit cards only


The easiest way to pay by credit card is to use the PayPal buttons which are on this Tecla website on each page for our books, then when you reach the PayPal checkout you can pay by using your normal card, even if you don’t have a PayPal account.

If you prefer not to do that, you can pay by credit card by using the following section: 

To pay by credit card from any country, COPY THIS SECTION INTO AN EMAIL and then fill it in and send the email to Tecla at Tecla’s email address.

What you wish to order (for example: 1 x TECLA 0001 Sor: Seguidillas $25.00):

Name and address of the cardholder:

Name and address for shipping the order, if different:

Send the email(s) to Tecla at Tecla’s email address.

(copy the prices from the Tecla website in euros or USD or GBP, whichever you prefer, for example 8,00 euros, or $12.00 USD, or 10.00 GBP.)

Also SEND YOUR CARD DETAILS to Tecla by email at Tecla’s email address (number, expiry date, security number). We suggest sending them for security in at least three separate emails. Visa or Mastercard only.

We will reply by email to confirm receipt of your form and card details, and we will then take on your card and will send you the items. Postage will be by priority air mail worldwide and will be charged as in this table. You will normally receive your order within 5 to 10 working days.

This form is ONLY for credit card orders. To pay by any other method, click here.

(We used to have an online form here, but spammers got hold of it and used it to send large quantities of spam. But never mind, this way works just as well.)

Or send us an email.

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