Tecla Editions: How long it should take for you to receive your order


You will normally receive your order worldwide within about 5 to 14 days, but see below.

We ship from our warehouse in the UK to all countries worldwide. To the UK we currently use MyHermes. To all other countries we use Royal Mail Priority Air Mail, which has the following official delivery aims:
To Europe: 3-5 days.
To the rest of the world: 5-7 days.

It appears that the post office do in fact, on the whole but with some exceptions, achieve these delivery aims. From feedback which we get, it appears that some people worldwide receive their orders from us within 2-3 days, and that about 90% of orders have arrived worldwide within about 7-10 days. Sometimes it takes a bit longer, say up to 11 or even 14 days. Very rarely it takes longer: recently to one customer in Australia it took three weeks, and even once to the Netherlands it also took three weeks. Once in 2008 it took over a month for an order to arrive in Brazil on the supposedly 5-7 day delivery. But that is rare. It almost never happens that a parcel doesnít arrive at all: I can only think of one or two cases of this in the last few years, out of the thousands of parcels which we ship.

So wherever you are in the world, it is very likely that you will receive your order within 7 days, but it may, possibly, take a bit longer. Donít even start worrying before 14 days. This service of the UK Royal Mail does not offer tracking (look at the low shipping price which you are getting), so we canít trace your order. We donít have any control over how the post office do their job but in our opinion they do very well, better than any carrier which we have yet dealt with, some of which in the UK are appallingly bad. You will probably receive your order quickly, but if not, then have patience!


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