Tecla Editions: Ordering direct from Tecla

This page is about some special ways of ordering from Tecla.  For the normal ways of ordering from Tecla, click here.

If you pay by any of the following methods 1) or 2) or 3) below, we charge only the following postage worldwide:
On orders up to and including 25 euros/19 GBP/30 USD: only 4 euros/3 GBP/5 US dollars postage worldwide.
On orders up to and including 50 euros/38 GBP/60 USD: only 8 euros/6 GBP/10 US dollars postage worldwide.
On orders of more than 50 euros/38 GBP/60 USD: only 15 euros/10 GBP/18 US dollars postage worldwide.

Except for some heavy items as follows:
TECLA 1100 or 1200 the complete set of Sor: New Complete Works for Guitar (or only the guitar solos volumes 1-7).
TECLA 1001 or 1002 or 1003 Beethoven: The 32 Piano Sonatas.
TECLA 850 Giuliani: Complete Works in 39 volumes (or only the solos volumes 1 to 18).
For these titles ask first about the advantageous postage (send us an email).

Here are the three special ways:

1) In euros.  In Spain by ingreso at any branch of La Caixa.  In the rest of the eurozone, by the usual SEPA transfer method in euros using IBAN and BIC.

2) In UK pounds.  By internet bank transfer, from a UK account to our UK account in UK pounds only.

3) In the USA, in USD in cash at any branch of Bank of America.

If you would like to use any of the above methods, tell us by email to what titles you would like, and we will reply with the amount due and the bank details.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, not to supply.

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